Motivating individuals who are committed to bring a change is the biggest investment any organization can make. At Spice Connect, we don't just invest in projects. We invest in people and ideas that can that make a huge impact.

It’s this vision that has driven us to invest in streams of Mobile Apps and Education. We make investments that work towards enabling mobile entrepreneurs implement their ideas and help aspiring mangers carve better opportunities for themselves.



At Spice Connect, our idea of investments is not garnering huge profitable returns. It is taking those conscious steps that empower individuals that can shape a better tomorrow.

iExponential is a Venture Builder and Angel Fund, based in New Delhi, India, focusing on building high-value Corporations & early stage investments. It aims at investing in technology startups in the Web/ Mobile Applications space, seeking out ambitious teams with disruptive ideas and a mobile first strategy to provide them with invaluable Ideation services and business mentoring.

At iExponential, we believe that technology can be a great enabler and seek out innovative technologies that can improve lives for people in Asia and Africa. We believe that Trust and Respect are hallmarks of a great Investor/Founder relationship and endorse an “Ideate – Brain Storm – Plan – Execute” Philosophy We aim at offering founders a healthy combination of independence and mentoring to get their business up, running and growing - Exponentially! We wish to create passionate companies with a potential to positively impact lives.

We offer an engaging platform with the right mix of independence and mentoring to reach your business goals quickly and successfully. Connect with us if you have:

A mobile app idea
A mobile idea and need help in developing it, be it financially or simply guidance
An existing breakthrough mobile app but need help in marketing it to the masses
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